Choir of the Impossible

An experimental interactive exhibition I produced which was a collaboration between members of PlayReactive, local emerging independent artists, and game designers. It provided a unique and immersive experience by drawing participants into its own peculiar logic, inviting them to explore strange worlds.

Choir of the Impossible was created for Melbourne International Games Week 2017, open from October 27th until October 30th at 402 Chapel St, South Yarra.

All profits were donated to Fitzroy Legal Service, who provide asylum seekers and other community members access to legal services.


  •  Project co-ordination and development from concept to completion.

  • Organise meetings and briefings for the production team and external stakeholders.

  • Create work documentation, budgets, and task lists.

  • Project scoping alongside the Creative Director to fit production time.

  • Design and build the layout of the exhibition.

  • Assist in writing the press release and marketing material.

  • Research and assess ideas put forward by the production team as well as the artists.

  • Assist in the development of the Forest and The Last Book on Earth exhibit.

Exhibited Works
The Last Book on Earth by Georgia Symons.
Television by Amani Naseem and Harrison Smith.
Forest by Alan Robinson with Daniel McKenzie.
This Is Not A VR Game by Chad Toprak.
Ambient Music by Gemma Mahadeo.
Distance by Izzy Gramp.
New pieces by Maddy Anderson and Georgia Payne.

Production Team
Lee Shang Lun, Trent Davies, Robin Vilain, Barnaby RW, Alison Huang, Celeste Chan, Alexandra Lee, Alan Hazelden, Emilee Goulding.