Jane Blackoak

Who or what is Jane Blackoak? Stuck behind an interface and at the centre of a sinister plan, piece together the story and discover the truth.

An isometric survival game with a focus on atmosphere and pattern detection.


  • Design, document, iterate, block out, and polish the levels.

  • Design the core gameplay, theme, and narrative.

  • Art direction and creation of pixel art using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Program all aspects of the game in GameMaker using GML.

  • Implementation of game assets into GameMaker.

  • Sound design and creation, recording audio and editing in Adobe Audition.

  • Production of the game trailer.

  • Write the pitch presentation, game design document, devlog, and postmortem.

Trent Davies: Design, Programming, Art, and Sound Design
Created in GameMaker, available on Windows.