Splitscreen is a series of video documentaries created in order to bring exposure to local independent developers or people connected to the game scene in Melbourne, Australia. We are looking to give a voice to people who haven’t yet had the platform to do so, to talk about their work and the current games scenes in and around Melbourne.


  • Contact potential interviewees to interview for the series.

  • Crew and stakeholder briefings on key milestones.

  • Acquire appropriate equipment for each shoot.

  • Research on interviewees to hand over to the interviewer.

  • Shoot interviews, including camera, audio, and lighting set up.

  • Edit and colour correct footage using Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Oversee any editing done by other team members and provide feedback before publishing online.

  • Graphic design of the Splitscreen logo and splash screen.

  • Location scouting.

  • Clean up and edit audio using Adobe Audition and Avid Pro Tools.


Trent Davies: Camera, Lighting, Editing, Research and Writing Lead

Daniel Roberts: Interviewer, Script

Adrian Satrianugraha: Camera, Editing