An engaging, tangible and physical electronic puzzle where a mysterious device is found with no indication of its purpose, and alongside it is a personality chip owned by a man named John. The device looks tampered with, as if someone has tried to sabotage or access what it contains. Who’s John and what’s inside? You only need to figure a way in to find out.

PDF containing the script and text files can be found here.


  • Direction and leadership of the development team (4 members).

  • Task allocation and scheduling for team members.

  • Design and implement puzzles in harmony with the narrative to create an emotive player journey.

  • Design of the physical cube.

  • Design the UI with clear documentation for the graphic designer.

  • Research on how to develop the hardware, and create a parts list and budget spreadsheet.

  • Write the script and documents found within the game, and implement using HTML loaded onto a Raspberry Pi.

  • Maintain and write the game design document.

  • Create presentations and documents for pitches.

  • Production of the game trailer.




Trent Davies: Puzzle and Narrative Design

Sol Bekic: Programming

Dominique Bodden: Art and Cube Construction

Ilke Karademir: Puzzle and Graphic Design

Created using custom hardware and software.