Project Bluebook

Unidentified and hostile lifeforms have appeared over countless cities without warning. 

Project Bluebook has been restored.
Pilot your mech.
Custom Controller

Project Bluebook utilizes an intricate custom controller created using Arduino, where the player controls a mech equipped with a prototype weapon, which they must master and become familiar with in order to succeed in this unique and engaging experience.

  • Design and implementation of the combat system, level, tutorial, and boss behaviour.

  • Design, 3D model, and texture the mech and surrounding city in Maya and Blender with low polygon counts to increase game performance.

  • Program (C#) all aspects of the game, including but not limited to boss A.I., player controller, camera effects, physics, and particle systems.

  • Program and build the customer controller using Arduino and implement it into Unity with the Uduino plugin.

  • Project co-ordination and task scheduling.

  • Playtest and QA new updates to ensure they achieve desired results.

  • Design, create, and implement sound effects for the weapon and the mech A.I. voice over.

  • Assist the UI Designer with the design and implementation of the UI into Unity.

  • Debug and fix issues.

  • Maintain version control using Git.

Awards and Exhibitions
Finalist for Best Student Game - The 2018 Freeplay Independent Games Festival Awards, 27/05/2018
Works In Progress Night -  Bar SK, 31/01/2018
Games Showcase - RMIT University, 03/11/2017
Trent Davies: Programming, 3D, Arduino, Gameplay and Level Design, Sound Design.
Adrian Satrianugraha: 3D, Controller Construction, Sound Design, UI Design, Gameplay Design.
Barnaby RW, Chad Toprak, & Louis Roots: Arduino, Controller Construction.
Harry McCullough: Logo and Graphic Design.
Created in Unity, available on Windows with custom hardware.