Stuck in your uniform apartment with nothing else to do but see what this mysterious, giant sized pill does in the corner of your room.

An FPS game exploring the play of colour (Farbenspiel in German) with the goal of creating an intuitive shooting process for players, having to identify and mix the correct colour combination using basic colour theory in order to eliminate enemies.


  • Assist the lead designer with the gameplay, level, and colour mechanic design.

  • Greybox and test internally gameplay and level designs prior to external playtesting sessions.

  • Game balancing based on internal and external playtesting.

  • Program (C#) the FPS player controller, enemy A.I., spawning system, camera effects, particle system, and shooting mechanic.

  • Physics and collision detection programming.

  • Implement game assets created by the artists into Unity.

  • Maintain version control using Git.

  • Conduct pitches and meetings with industry professionals for feedback.

  • Initial project direction and scoping.

Media on Farbenspiel
Podcast by Edge Guard
Trent Davies: Programming, Design.
Simon Tran: Artist, Producer.
Daniel Roberts: Lead Designer, Technical Art.
Adrian Satrianugraha: Visuals, Sound Design.
Created in Unity, available on Windows and macOS.