You're left with nothing but a suitcase and an opportunity. 

NOTHING is a game that runs along the theme of forced displacement, focusing on framing and environmental design to elicit emotion and tell the narrative. It follows a character whom among many others, is being forcibly removed from Earth due to conflict created through the extreme changes of climate and must give up everything to board a geriatric ship to get off Earth and find a home.


  •  Gameplay, narrative, and environment design.

  • Research and test effective methods for environmental and interactive storytelling.

  • Record original audio using guitar and synths, with editing done in Audition.

  • 3D modelling and texturing using Maya and Photoshop.

  • Program all aspects of the game using C# in Unity, including the interaction system and third person controller using NavMesh and Raycasting.

Trent Davies: Design, Programming, 3D Artist, Sound.
Created in Unity, available on Windows and macOS.